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The Vision for District 10.

The Proven Leadership To Get Things Done.

Jonathan Delmer is a proven leader who will continue to champion causes for the hardworking families of our community. With over 30 years of experience as a successful businessman and fierce champion for District 10, Jonathan will:

  • Fight to remove the 1,600 square foot Google Hut in Haskin Park so residents can reclaim that area for the families of District 10.
  • Work to ensure well-trained and qualified police and firefighters have the best equipment and most modern technology are keeping our families safe and helping our community flourish
  • Ensure the residents of District 10 the opportunity to weigh in, have our voices heard in City Hall
  • Bring a proven track record of steadfast commitment and leadership to City Hall




In July 2015 Jonathan Delmer advocated for approximately 300 residents spanning seven different neighborhoods within District 10 that were charged an exorbitant amount for water usage. Jonathan assisted neighbors by directly contacting SAWS to bring this error to their attention. SAWS discovered that non of the meters had been read for over 2 months, which resulted in their computer system which produced drastically inflated bills. Jonathan worked hand-in-hand with SAWS officials to ensure meters were properly read and after six weeks, all charges were corrected. In October of 2015 SAWS sent 10 customer service agents to the Tobin Library to ensure all billing issues across District 10 had been resolved. Jonathan’s goal was to guarantee that SAWS was transparent and held accountable for services they provide to the residents of District 10. 



 The safety and well-being of citizens should continue to be a top priority to for the next Councilman. As Neighborhood Association President of Oak Park and Northwood, Jonathan worked with first responders, local leaders and law enforcement officials to help double patrols and improve overall safety in the community. As your Councilman, Jonathan will bring the same steadfast commitment and leadership to City Hall to lower crime rates, keep families safe, and help District 10 flourish. 



When Over the next 20 years, San Antonio’s population will boom by over 1 milllion residents. Because of its excellent public schools and high quality of life, District 10 is known as a prime location to live,  so we must be proactive in our  preparation to inherit a minimum of 100,000 new residents. Jonathan will ensure our roads are properly maintained and remain a safe, efficient means of travel.



The current void of leadership in City Hall has negatively impacted our daily lives with the obtrusive, unwanted construction of Google Huts in Haskin Park. As Councilman, Jonathan will ensure huts will not be constructed in areas that affect our neighborhoods or take away green space from our children. Jonathan will fight in City Hall to remove the 1,600 square foot Hut in Haskin Park so residents can reclaim that area for the families of District 10. Jonathan will ensure we have the opportunity to weigh in, have their voices heard and convey any concerns and objections. As one of the top Ten cities in the United States, we need and want companies like Google, but on our terms, not theirs. 

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan Delmer is a Champion for District 10 and proven leader in San Antonio.

Jonathan Delmer is a native of San Antonio, as a child he attended San Antonio Academy of Texas and graduated from Alamo Heights High School in 1984.  His professional management experience is steeped in small business.  In 1987 he successfully brought the I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt franchise to his hometown.  From 1991 to 2008 he opened and operated Fairview Farm Exotics Game Ranch.  Since 2006 he has owned his own federal firearms dealership.

Jonathan’s leadership skills have been shaped and tested during his tenure on various city wide positions.  He is presently in his third year as the Oak Park/Northwood Neighborhood Association President.  Prior to President of the Association, Jonathan was the Neighborhood Association Vice President in 2014.  In 2016 he was entrusted to serve on the Mayor’s Council on Police and Community Relations.  At the start of 2017 he was appointed to the 2017 Bond Committee for the city of San Antonio.

Jonathan is also a member of Club Giraud and the Town Club of San Antonio.  He has been married to Jennifer Porter Delmer since 2006.  The Delmer’s have 3 Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Rainy, Raider, and Rosie.  His parents are Dr. Delmer and Mrs. Merle Delmer and he has 4 siblings; Robin, Lisa, Susan, and Sam.


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